Saturday, April 16, 2011

Magic Elastic Thread

So, as I have said before, I am new to the sewing world.  I have been doing it for just about a month now!  I have had a blast and am learning more and more all the time.  I will have to say that the best thing thus far that I have discovered since I started sewing is ELASTIC THREAD!!! If you have not used this before, you have to try it out! This stuff is AMAZING.  Just load it in your bobbin and away you go!!!  It does all of the work for you!  I mentioned it briefly in my Ruffle Booty Bloomers Tutorial.

I have to give credit to Susan from Living With Punks and her tutorial I found over on Momtastic.  Check it out HERE.   I took this tutorial and made this cute dress below for my little girl!  This was made from 3 bandannas I picked up at Walmart for just $1 each!!!

Here is the latest thing that I did with my elastic thread.  My kid's daycare celebrates Arkansas Children's Week each year and they sale t-shirts for the kids to wear on t-shirt day.  Well, the smallest shirt doesn't actually fit until your child is about 3 years old and my youngest is 15 months.  I wanted to do something cute for her shirt and I thought I could surely come up with something using my ELASTIC THREAD

Here is the t-shirt before:


And my little baby Model! (who was not being very cooperative!)

 So, what are you waiting for???  Go out and get buy some elastic thread!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Blogger Parade of Homes 2011

Poppies at Play is hosting a fabulous online parade of homes featuring 4 extremely talented bloggers each day this week!   I am loving the office over at Honey We're Home.  Isn't is fabulous? 

And this is only a glimpse of this home.  She has an amazing closet any girl would love to have as well!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sew-Along Complete

As you saw in my post at the end of last week, I have been participating in a sew-along sponsored by Living With Punks.  Hopefully, some of you were able to join in with this effort.  It has been fun and Susan has been a great instructor posting day-by-day tutorials!  I got a couple of days behind, but finally got the time to finish it all up today.  Here are a few pics of the process.

Finally sewing on my girls!

Even though it is Spring, I had a hard time finding a short sleeve white shirt.  So, I just got a long sleeve and cut the sleeves off! I think it worked out okay!


Close Up of my girls!

I have to mention that I LOVED that it was called the Chloe & Meiko Friends Forever t-shirt, since I have a little Chloe of my own!!!  So, maybe this shirt from the home of Chloe will find a little girl named Mieko in Japan!!! How cool would that be!