Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sew-Along Complete

As you saw in my post at the end of last week, I have been participating in a sew-along sponsored by Living With Punks.  Hopefully, some of you were able to join in with this effort.  It has been fun and Susan has been a great instructor posting day-by-day tutorials!  I got a couple of days behind, but finally got the time to finish it all up today.  Here are a few pics of the process.

Finally sewing on my girls!

Even though it is Spring, I had a hard time finding a short sleeve white shirt.  So, I just got a long sleeve and cut the sleeves off! I think it worked out okay!


Close Up of my girls!

I have to mention that I LOVED that it was called the Chloe & Meiko Friends Forever t-shirt, since I have a little Chloe of my own!!!  So, maybe this shirt from the home of Chloe will find a little girl named Mieko in Japan!!! How cool would that be!


  1. Darling :) Thanks for all your hard work. Those girlies are too cute and it would be cool to find a Mieko, from Chloe!

  2. Very cute C-Sandra!!!